Big Feels Bundle

Limited Edition Candle & Card Game

  • Zesty
  • Fresh
  • Woodsy
Connect Deck Type

Citrus, Cedar & Sea Salt

Meet the Big Feels Bundle — where joy, warmth, connection and two Canadian besties (Happy Tears + Milk Jar) come together in imperfect harmony!

Dive into an immersive experience of connection guided by The Connect Deck’s one hundred universal question prompts and the warm flicker of Milk Jar's handcrafted ‘Happy Tears’ limited edition scent.

Choose your Connect Deck from one of three mindful options: Volume One, Date Night & Pride Edition

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Self-care, mindfulness, and meaningful connection

Super-Scientific Scent-O-Meter


Spark more than a meaningful conversation

Whether you're sharing stories with your family, partner, colleagues, or buds, or simply enjoying a quiet moment of self-reflection, this duo promises to create a safe space where self-love burns bright.

Here's what's included in the Big Feels Bundle:

  • 1 - ‘Happy Tears’ 8 oz Limited Edition Candle ~ Citrus, Sea Salt + Cedar
  • 1 - The Connect Deck: 100 bilingual (EN/FR) question prompts for meaningful connections. Bundle one of three mindful options!
    • - Volume One: universal prompts for meaningful connections
    • - Date Night: relationship-themed prompts for more intimate + spicy connections
    • - Pride Edition: LGBT-themed prompts for playful, educational + queerful connections

About Happy Tears 💧

Happy Tears creates modern tools for mindful living. From vibrant accessories to their bestselling multilingual Connect Deck card game collection, each creation has been intentionally made to help their mindful and creative community to prioritize their mental health and build out their most meaningful (and colourful!) life. With every order, $1 (up to $5) is donated to nonprofit organizations whose work serves to improve the well-being and mental health of LGBT+ people around the world.

Visit the Happy Tears website

Milk Jar 🤝 Happy Tears

For Milk Jar and Happy Tears, it was friends at first sight!

Meeting at the One Of A Kind Winter Show in 2023, Happy Tears and Milk Jar quickly connected on their values of diversity and well-being; plus, they became OBSESSED with each other’s creations!

With Happy Tears’ mission supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ mental health and Milk Jar having donated over $315,000 towards inclusion and safe workplaces, these buds decided to bring the East and West Coast together for a Pride Month celebration!

Visit the Happy Tears website

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